Wuste 7: Night Times

Vegas invaded by VAG fans


Wuste (pronounced: woo-stah) is a European automotive show that takes place in Las Vegas. If you need to ask what happens next you clearly know nothing about the European enthusiast scene.

Allow me to educate you a little. A bunch of VW and Audi fans from across the country drive, fly, or hitchhike to party for four days on the Las Vegas Strip at a host hotel (those poor snowbirds) and of course in nearly every watering hole you can think of within a five-mile radius. I simply couldn’t stand the thought of sitting at home and not attending this year. So I drove my beloved Fiat 500 from LA to LV in a slow six-hour, one-way trip. Thanks LA traffic; you did your job superbly that day.

When I arrived, I checked into my host hotel, the Hard Rock, immediately showered and headed to the Palace Station Hotel (host hotel for Wuste) just off the main drag. When I arrived the parking structure was abuzz like a thriving bee hive. Enjoy a handful of snaps from that night’s festivities; for the full report, check out my show coverage on eurotuner.com

all-generations-are-welcome-to-wuste-7 turbo-type-3-fastback-shattering-ear-drums wuste-7-mercedes-slammed-and-cruising wuste-7-overlooking-the-vegas-strip brian-mccauleys-mk3-cabby-and-the-palace-station-casino-hotel